Monday, November 25, 2013

Magik Tunnel to Beech for $1.00

 There is not much I can say about this scene.  
   Other than...
  I feel kinda bad for the sweet little group waiting to experience 
a trip to the beach.

A watercolor, pastel and pencil drawing

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013


      It was late at night.  I was tired.  
I had been on a six day search for my rich client. 
 She wanted me to find her missing husband.  
I had little to go on. 
 I pulled my red Schwinn bike into the dirty parking lot of the local hangout.
  I just wanted to sit and numb my thoughts.  
It was smoky and dark.  It smelled like a zoo...but I didn't care.  
 A cranky server asked me what I wanted to drink.  
"Water-on-the-Rocks," I answered. 
 The cranky server asked for ID. 
 It was noisy...but I didn't care.  
My blurry-eyes focused on the stage.  I was on my third 
Musicians headed for the stage.  
The clamber of feet on the stage was loud. 
The cymbal player warmed up.
It was jazz night.  
 The  sultry-singer sang about broken romance. Her voice cried heartbreak. 
I hated to leave.  The jazz was good.
I stepped out into the morning's blinding sun.
I hopped back onto my faithful red Schwinn.  
The ice-cold seat jolted my brain...but I didn't care.
I had a job to do.  
My client was waiting for some answers.
And I still had none.

Monday, November 11, 2013


        I had no idea that Giraffes could dance 
   until I caught them doing so...
and in my back yard !
Watercolor, pencil, ink and pastel

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hold on kids!!!!

        The tiny Master of Ceremonies
the orange-haired clown and the young ballerina 
         held on to the ropes. 
     The ropes stretched, bounced and pulled, but the three held tightly.
            The animal balloons were the favorite of the audience 
          so it was important that they not escape.  
         And, escape is what 
        the cow balloon
        the duck balloon,
          the elephant balloon, 
          pig balloon wanted to do.
Well.......kind of a start for a little story...but, maybe not. 
 I will have fun working on it.
                                                                      pastel and pencil