Monday, June 30, 2014

The wonderful, noisy, buttery popcorn machine

                                    This is my kind of popcorn machine. 
Hope you can see what I see in the drawing:
The little caretaker is adding lots and lots of butter.  
The round wheel, on the large rectangular container, is turning (with a slight squeak) and providing electricity for the light bulb.  It is similar to something used for light many moons ago.  

I hear the popcorn ping against the thin steel metal.  The room is toasty and warm. There's an aroma of warm popcorn.

Oh, the humble pencil

  •      I read a fairytale, by the Brothers Grimm, called,  The Three Feathers.
  •  It's about the humble son of a king.  
  • The king has given his three sons a challenge.  
  • The challenge was to determine who was worthy of the throne after he died. 
  • The other two sons were thought to be smart. 
  • They never thought their brother was competition.

  •  This pencil drawing is about him finding the answers to the challenges when he comes upon help.  



My Old Neighbor

Yup...yes indeed fellow writers, artist and normal folks...
this is a candid photo of my old neighbor where I, once upon a time, lived.

    Gossip was that she made a great crunchy apple-pepperminty pie.  
But, I just couldn't get myself to try a slice. 

    The neighborhood kids always badgered the old gal
...but that has stopped. 
      Not too many kids on the block anymore for some reason

Got ya !

Sometimes we can't answer how we did a particular drawing/painting
and if asked to do it again...impossible.

 I just really enjoyed the whole drawing  process of this piece.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Baby Giraffe in the Town of Balloon Named Moon

There was once a fun zoo in Balloon 

with a baby giraffe they called moon

    who wanted blue dots

but awoke with pink spots 

    now he's cool like the checkered baboon